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Zami Life in Opzij

We are happy about the coverage of Zami Life in the great Dutch mag, Opzij.

Smart is

Designer Ruud-Jan Kokke and orthopedist Piet van Loon joined hands in designing an ergonomic ‘smart’ stool that helps you to improve your posture. The Zami Smart Stool, as the design is called, has a curved seat makes you automatically a lot better sit up. The sensors in the four legs measure how you are there.This information is sent by Bluetooth to your smartphone, so that the corresponding app offers advice on further improvements. The “smart” Zami-stool was very popular crowdfunding site Indie Gogo and can therefore be delivered from November. It costs $ 1249.



Zami Inspired Yoga Flow Video

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Claim a Free Zami!

We want to tell you more about our INDIEGOGO REFERRAL CAMPAIGN.

Please take a few minutes to help us spread the word through email and social media and earn referral rewards!


You earn $50 in Zami credit towards our campaign every time one of your referrals purchases a Zami. The amount of credit you can earn is unlimited!

Once the campaign is over, we will apply this credit to your account, giving you a refund on your purchase OR credit on the purchase of a new Zami Wood, Aluminum or Smart.

Please note: Contributors cannot receive referral credit for referring themselves and of two contributors, only one can be the ‘referrer’ and receive campaign credit for the other’s contribution.


If 5 of your friends purchase a Zami, then you will be credited $250!

YES, that’s right… you can get yourself a free Zami Essential by sharing our campaign!!


You must refer people using a unique URL that is generated through your Indiegogo account. This unique code is linked to your profile so we know when you have referred the campaign to a friend, and we know who to reward!
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Exciting Campaign Update

First: Thanks to all our supporters we have reached our $100,000 stretch goal on Indiegogo!

What does that mean? That means we will be able to bring the Zami mobile app, which connects to the Zami Smart Stool, to the Apple Watch.

Picture this…You are sitting on your Smart Stool at work/home wearing your Apple Watch. Feedback from the sensors on your Zami will enable CNN Health Yoga Expert, Dana Santas, to cue effective yoga-based movements and exercises you can do to further facilitate proper sitting – and each tailored specifically for you.

Second: After such a successful campaign we have decided to extend the Zami Life campaign for another 30 days!

This gives you the opportunity to share the word about Zami with your friends. This brings us to our third announcement…

Third: We have set up an Indiegogo Referral Campaign!

Here’s how it works: You earn $50 in Zami credit towards our campaign every time one of your referrals purchases a Zami. The amount of credit you can earn is unlimited!

Example: If 5 of your friends purchase a Zami, then you will be credited $250! YES, that’s right… you can get yourself a free Zami Essential by sharing our campaign!! Learn more here.



Meet Our Chief Mobility Advisor – Dana Santas

Zami Life is proud to announce our new Chief Mobility Advisor, Dana Santas. As an international health and wellness expert and the creator of Radius Yoga, Dana has dedicated her career to helping people move, breathe and feel better. She’s the yoga expert for CNN Health as well as the sports performance mobility trainer for numerous teams and athletes in MLB, NHL, NBA, NFL, PGA and WTA. Dana and Zami Life’s goals are strategically aligned with the joint mission of improving health and well-being.


Although most people think of yoga as stretching, Dana’s teaching approach is more yoga-inspired mobility biomechanics supported by proper respiration. When working with professional teams and athletes, she begins with postural and breathing assessments (based on science—not yoga). Her mantra is that breathing is posture, and posture is breathing, because the diaphragm is the king of your core. These principles are why Dana loves the Zami stool.

In the few months that I’ve been using my Zami stool in place of my desk chair, I’ve experienced how effective it is in facilitating the natural curves of my spine and promoting awareness of my sitting habits, while actually increasing my level of activity when seated: I notice immediately when I slouch because my center of gravity/balance on the chair changes, so it prompts me to sit symmetrically, reengage my core (specifically my diaphragm), reposition my legs and stand up more regularly. And that’s all happening even without the sensors and app!

After spending five years studying the effects of respiration on posture and vice versa, she was very excited to notice how the Zami’s convex stool design promotes and almost necessitates symmetrical pelvic alignment for stable sitting.

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Indiegogo Campaign Update!

We are excited to announce that we have reached $85,022 on our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign! $15,000 more to reach our $100,000 Stretch Goal and bring Zami to the Apple Watch. Thanks for your support!



Why We Created the Zami Stool?

We created Zami to give people an opportunity for a healthier lifestyle. Humans are spending more time at their computer than ever before. Passive sitting is classed as sedentary behavior, and if we combine the time we eat, sit, read, watch tv, work and sleep, that counts for more than 20 sedentary hours a day!

Dr. Piet Van Loon wondered how he could find a solution for this increasing problem. As an orthopedic surgeon he was seeing more and more patients with back pain. Astonishingly, these patients were getting younger and younger as time went on. This is why Piet Van Loon partnered up with Dutch designer Ruud-Jan Kokke and created the Zami Design Stool.


Dr. Van Loon has been studying posture and the negative effects of sitting for many years. His research shows that good, active sitting is about simultaneously meeting two goals.


The protective S-curve, which is natural when we stand straight, is best maintained in the sitting position when we are able to enlarge the angle between the trunk and the upper legs to around 120 degrees. This prevents an uneven load balance on our spine and body.


When different muscles are actively engaged, such as our core, back or leg muscles, we raise our metabolic activity level, increase blood flow, and improve flexibility. When sitting, we should be able to easily and actively adjust and move freely.

The Zami design uses a patented double convex form enabling us to achieve both of these goals. The wide set legs enable stability and provides us with a full range of motion, and Zami allows you to sit in any position you like and prevents compression and strain on the back and body.

Zami Smart stool

Worried About Sitting All day? You Should Be!

This fantastic graphic from the Washington Post shows us just what is happening to our bodies during passive sitting and poor posture.

SYMPTOMS INCLUDE: Organ Damage, Muscle Degeneration, Leg Disorders, Strained Neck, Bad Back, Cancer

Zami co-founders, Orthopedic Surgeon Piet Van Loon and Dutch designer Ruud-Jan Kokke, set out to solve the problem of passive sitting- one of the leading causes of back problems. They are proud to introduce the Zami Stool.

The patented double convex design form aligns the body and activates the core. The shape of the stool promotes freedom of movement and allows you to sit evenly on your sit bones, taking pressure off your back. The technology integrated into the Zami stool and the Zami mobile app measures our postural habits, and then coaches you through exercises and stretches throughout the day.

Bonnie Berkowitz; Graphic by Patterson Clark. “Don’t just sit there”. The Washington Post. Jan. 20, 2014,

Zami Life: Where Design, Health & Innovation meet

We are excited to introduce the Zami Smart Stool! Come visit us on Indiegogo.

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Zami Smart Stool is the result of years of research on ergonomics and is designed to improve posture and promote active sitting. Made from the highest quality European sourced materials, this patented, double-convex form is the first sensor-enabled stool that gives you real-time feedback on your posture. The stool communicates to the Zami mobile app and collects data providing intelligent feedback and insight into your posture and daily sitting habits. Unlike most ergonomic solutions, Zami provides a sense of luxury and simplicity and looks great in any home or work interior.

Active Sitting on Zami