First: Thanks to all our supporters we have reached our $100,000 stretch goal on Indiegogo!

What does that mean? That means we will be able to bring the Zami mobile app, which connects to the Zami Smart Stool, to the Apple Watch.

Picture this…You are sitting on your Smart Stool at work/home wearing your Apple Watch. Feedback from the sensors on your Zami will enable CNN Health Yoga Expert, Dana Santas, to cue effective yoga-based movements and exercises you can do to further facilitate proper sitting – and each tailored specifically for you.

Second: After such a successful campaign we have decided to extend the Zami Life campaign for another 30 days!

This gives you the opportunity to share the word about Zami with your friends. This brings us to our third announcement…

Third: We have set up an Indiegogo Referral Campaign!

Here’s how it works: You earn $50 in Zami credit towards our campaign every time one of your referrals purchases a Zami. The amount of credit you can earn is unlimited!

Example: If 5 of your friends purchase a Zami, then you will be credited $250! YES, that’s right… you can get yourself a free Zami Essential by sharing our campaign!! Learn more here.