This fantastic graphic from the Washington Post shows us just what is happening to our bodies during passive sitting and poor posture.

SYMPTOMS INCLUDE: Organ Damage, Muscle Degeneration, Leg Disorders, Strained Neck, Bad Back, Cancer

Zami co-founders, Orthopedic Surgeon Piet Van Loon and Dutch designer Ruud-Jan Kokke, set out to solve the problem of passive sitting- one of the leading causes of back problems. They are proud to introduce the Zami Stool.

The patented double convex design form aligns the body and activates the core. The shape of the stool promotes freedom of movement and allows you to sit evenly on your sit bones, taking pressure off your back. The technology integrated into the Zami stool and the Zami mobile app measures our postural habits, and then coaches you through exercises and stretches throughout the day.

Bonnie Berkowitz; Graphic by Patterson Clark. “Don’t just sit there”. The Washington Post. Jan. 20, 2014,